motor the performance was excellent. This later plane, best patek philippe replicas pictured above, will be the outcome of various years' test operate in the developing of a pint sized plane for commercial travelers and globe trotters and is reputed to be thoroughly practical. As a result France, as well, is functioning for the advancement with the light airplane.

The flying of light airplanes is much safer in proportion to hazards than will be the flying of larger ships, provided motors of equal reliability. In England, where the light plane has come into very comprehensive use, vacationers go hedge hopping from a single town to an additional as a matter certainly. The light plane lands slower, is much more controllable, best patek philippe replicas and may be set down in virtually any cabbage patch and flown out once more. Forced landings hold little danger for it, and consequently lower altitude flying might be indulged in, creating cross country travel exciting.

Tiny Airplane Folds Into Suitcase (Might, 1929)

Tiny Airplane Folds Into Suitcase

DEPICTED within this month's Contemporary Mechanics' cover would be the tiny bicycle type biplane which has been developed in France by M. Pischof.

The tiny biplane has a span of but 12 feet, weighs but 200 lbs., and is powered with a four h.p . opposed motor. This really is evidently sufficient to give passable functionality for the small ship was lately test flown by a grown man for any distance of 20 miles.

M. Pischof, a Russian, has interested French producers in the unusual characteristics of his plane, among which are: front spar of lower wing acting as axle for landing gear; complete demountability of fuselage, wings, and motor assembly, which fold into a modest trunk or huge suitcase; tube fuselage constructed of seamless welded tubing on which is mounted the pilot's seat (ordinary bicycle saddle with belt attachment) and demountable engine. It is actually mentioned the manufacturers are going to place the plane available within a year, but at present no info is often obtained concerning the plans with the company, nor are plans being sold.

Several years ago France was the scene of trials for just such an airplane, also made and built by Pischof. That plane nevertheless, was bigger, even though having a 20 h patek philippe replica paypal .p.

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